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p r o d u c t s



Smart Aquatics maintains an industry wide network with specialty products and services from movable pool floor systems and LED pool floors to custom tile mosaics and underwater speakers. No matter what you dream up, we can help you achieve it. 

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in-water furniture

Flexibility in 

Innovative spatial floor solutions


Movable pool floors are an innovative solution to tight spaces, heat loss and safety. 

shade structures

World-class stainless steel aquatic vessels

Luxuryios, lightweight, and built to last

Stainless steel pools are advantageous in a number of applications especially above the first floor. At Smart Aquatics, we work with an industry leader in the fabrication of high quality stainless steel pools and spas with projects worldwide. 


bespoke pool slides

Aquatic Covers

Approximately 70% of heat loss occurs from the surface 

Most people process information based on what they see so having an image or video to look at, helps you better understand the project in order to make informed decisions. At Smart Aquatics, we help you visually explore the spatial properties of your project so you can feel comfortable with the overall project aesthetic and experience. We provide professional renderings and videos using industry leading architectural visualization software. 

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custom cascades

Hand made masterpieces


35 years experience

over 3000 projects in 59 countries

custom mosaic artwork

Hand made masterpieces

Inspired by traditional techniques dating back to the Byzantine era


An all-tile interior pool finish is the best finish you can install on your pool for a number of reasons: it feels great on your skin, it looks spectacular, and will outlast any other finish. Tile pools done right can last you a literal lifetime. In fact, some all-tile pools have been known to last over 70 years! At Smart Aquatics, we work with one of the absolute best mosaicist in the world. They are a one-stop-shop for all things tile including design, manufacture, install and warranty because we know how important it is to get everything from a single source. 


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