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Nalepa Residence - Miami, FL

We had the pleasure of designing and overseeing the pool and backyard for the owner of Pool Rangers, Inc. in North Miami

Photos by Jimi Smith Photography

The concept behind the Nalepa residence was to create an economical, tropical modern oasis in your very own backyard. The client wanted a free form pool design but with a modern twist. So we designed the pool to have semi-perfect radius' rather than organic to give the impression that the curves were intended and "modernized" by man instead of created naturally by mother nature like most free form pools. 

The design includes a generous shallow lounging area with the iconic Ledge Loungers and Tuuci umbrella mount. We also have a bench on both the shallow and deep end of the pool for ample seating on either side of the pool. 

The climactic element of this design is of course the beach area. To showcase this, we framed the beach with two planters and a pair of "high class" date palms that stand up-right and draw your attention to this area. We also used crushed limestone rather than regular beach sand to avoid a potential maintenance nightmare. It feels the same but it's much heavier making it harder for sand to blow into the pool. The sand pit and planters also have a complete drainage system with gravel and a 4" pvc pipe that runs water to a drainage well so they do not trap water and puddle when it rains.

The client didn't want to have to do yard work in the backyard either so we surrounded the perimeter of the deck with natural rocks. And to spice things up a bit, we placed natural boulders from Arizona with super cool natural colored age lines to add some color and make the area pop.

Because the client chose natural and light color tones for the pool interior, tile and deck, we wanted to highlight the surroundings with colorful plants, rocks and even pieces of art and furniture to give this poolscape some nice color balance. 


Villa Seabright - St. Thoams, USVI

We were responsible for the re-design of the existing pool and spa at Villa Seabright in St. Thomas for the CEO and CFO of Planet Fitness - the project is still underway

The CEO and CFO of Planet Fitness wanted to re-design their existing swimming pool in St. Thomas and turn it into a modern day, social poolside experience. 


So they hired Custom Watershapes, Inc who brought us on board to assist with the overall design of the pool and spa as well as the complete hydraulics. 

We took a dated pool design with entry steps in the shallow area and a bench in the deep area, and added a shallow lounging area, bar table, bar stools and bench to make this pool more lively. 

This is still an on-going project but we will have finished photos once it is completed. 

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Custom Watershapes - Broward, FL

We worked alongside and assisted in the hydraulic design of an overflow pool for a luxury pool builder, Custom Watershapes, Inc. 

Custom Waterhsapes, Inc. designed and built this beautiful pool and spa with a deck level perimeter overflow detail; one of the most complex edge conditions in the pool industry to date.

The premise behind this specific design is that the pool and spa both overflow and look like they're on the same plane. But in reality the spa is raised less than an inch above the pool water level. This creates a virtual seamless transition between the two bodies of water but still allows us to heat them individually.


Because the pool and spa overflow on all sides, there is a gutter, drop piping and gravity pipe which connects back to a remote collector tank, all hidden beneath the coping around the entire pool. The pool also requires two separate sets of equipment; a filtration system and an overflow system.


Custom Watershapes brought us on board to assist in the complex hydraulics that go into a pool of this nature. We worked alongside their talented team to develop an energy efficient hydraulic system including specifying flow rates, equipment, and pipe sizes as well as communicate various edge detail intricacies. 

While we assisted with making sure the hydraulics and edge conditions worked properly, Custom Watershapes brought this project to life from design to reality. We were happy to help and be apart of such a great team.

Robles Residence - Miami Beach, FL

We took a just-built problem pool and helped turn it into a beautiful all tile pool with a 10 year warranty.

Unfortunately the pool industry is full of unqualified professionals who do shotty work. In this case, Mr. Robles, who just had this brand new pool built, contacted us with some concerns regarding the tile and finish. 

Upon arriving on the property we found that the pool was leaking, the aggregate finish was terribly un-level and the tile had already begun to de-laminate and pop off. 

So we brought in one of the best tile specialists in the game, Mosaicist, to help us out. They removed the existing aggregate and tile, filled in the missing hydraulic cement around the fitting inlets causing most of the leaks, leveled off everything and installed a new beautiful mosaic tile finish.

The crew was in and out in one week and the client was so happy that he paid in full before the job was even complete! It looks like an entirely different pool and this is how pools should look to begin with. Not to mention, he now has a 10 year warranty on the tile finish. 

We were happy to be a part of this project and help Mr. Robles receive the quality pool he deserves.

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