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"Pools are like people, you've gotta get to know them"
-Gary Nalepa


Smart Aquatics is led by second generation aquatic professional, Jonny Nalepa who, growing up, via his family business, has been working on swimming pools and water features his entire life. Jonny has a literal lifetime of hands on, in-field experience in the aquatic industry and over a decade of design, engineering and consulting experience. Jonnys' in depth understanding of the industry, complicated inter-workings of aquatic vessels and business experience coupled with his passion, natural ability for design and his knowledge in aquatic engineering technology, for which he has a college degree, has allowed him to build a business in aquatics that focus' on providing the best customer service experience, unmatched creative design and expert level skillsets utilizing

Our Design Process

The integration of our Design, Engineering and Construction Management services ensures a wholistic and efficient process while reducing timeframes and complicated coordination efforts.


Our team is equipped to handle any project of any size and complexity. 

Under Construction

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